Reiki Master Teacher Class with Keiko-Newly added!

This class is for Reiki practitioners who have obtained traditional Reiki level 1 & 2 certificates, have practiced using symbols and distance Reiki for a minimum of 3 months, and are comfortable doing so. The students must be ready spiritually and emotionally for this new journey of becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. The students also must be aware of and accept the important responsibility of being a link in the chain of the Reiki Master Teacher lineage that goes back to Dr. Usui Mikao.  The length of this class runs between 2-3 hours of instruction. The main focuses will be to review everything students learned at level 1 & 2, review meanings of Reiki symbols, and learn how to teach others. The students will also learn a new Reiki Master symbol and how to pass attunements. The students will receive a total of four attunements, two at the beginning of the class and the last two towards the end of the class.

PREREQUISITE: A copy of Usui Reiki Method Level 1 & 2 certificates must be presented. Preparation before attending the Master Teaching Class should include practicing using symbols and giving full sessions on a regular basis for a minimum of 3 months before taking this class. You must know that you are  ready to become a role model as a Reiki Master Teacher and will be passing on the tradition of Usui Method Reiki.

TOPICS COVERED (but not limited to):

    • A Reiki Master symbol
    • Methods for passing of attunements to your student, verbal and written instruction
    • Full manuals for Level 1 & 2, and additional information.
    • Psychic Surgery
    • In depth discussion of healing physical, emotional, and spiritual body
    • Accessing a deeper level of healing
    • Learning to heal others professionally
    • Gaining confidence as Reiki Master Teacher

Please contact Keiko to register. Email:

COST: $395

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