Level 2- Intermediate/Advance Psychic Development & Intro to Mediumship Class

**Please contact Keiko for updated dates, time and location of the class.

Cost: $30-40Class Description: This is a level 2 Psychic development class. It is recommended for students who have basic understanding of how the spirits connect with us through our visions ( clairvoyance) and our thoughts( clairsentience). The completion of level 1 is recommended, but not required. The class is full of fun practices. The students will explore and learn how to give a psychic reading by using cards as a divination tool and learn to interpret the open and hidden messages that images of cards provide. The students will learn to deepen the connection with the spirit world by going into their heart center more.  The class will also cover the intro to Mediumship. This topic includes but are not limited to: How to recognize the energy of discarnate spirits: signs and symbols, blending with energy, removing fear( ego), psychometry.

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