Are you planning a home party and wishing to add something different and fun? I can help make your event even more special with my Intuitive Psychic & Mediumship Readings!  Each person will receive a short reading with me in a gallery reading setting.  Those messages could come from your loved ones on the other side and/or from your spirit guides.  The party host/hostess will receive 50% off from his/her cost for this event as a thank you.  If you would like to book the date or if you have questions, please contact me via email,

Time: The time runs 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the numbers of guests

Cost: $50 per person.  If there will be 10 or more guests, a discount will be applied and it will be $40 per person.

Require 50 % deposit at the time of booking, the rest at the time of arrival.

*Cancellation policy: You will receive full refund of your deposit if you cancel 7 days or more before the event day . Please note that no refund will be issued after that day.

*Traveling outside of central CT area may require an additional fee for travel.

Level 2- Intermediate/Advance Psychic Development & Intro to Mediumship Class

**Please contact Keiko for updated dates, time and location of the class.

Cost: $30-40Class Description: This is a level 2 Psychic development class. It is recommended for students who have basic understanding of how the spirits connect with us through our visions ( clairvoyance) and our thoughts( clairsentience). The completion of level 1 is recommended, but not required. The class is full of fun practices. The students will explore and learn how to give a psychic reading by using cards as a divination tool and learn to interpret the open and hidden messages that images of cards provide. The students will learn to deepen the connection with the spirit world by going into their heart center more.  The class will also cover the intro to Mediumship. This topic includes but are not limited to: How to recognize the energy of discarnate spirits: signs and symbols, blending with energy, removing fear( ego), psychometry.

Level 1-Intuitive Psychic Development Class

**Please contact Keiko for updated dates, time and location of the class.

Cost: $30-40

Class Description: This is an ALL LEVEL Psychic development class, especially recommended for  beginners. The students will learn how to tap into their psychic ability and how to move into their “neutral state” of mind.  The topics include but are not limited to: How to go into people’s energy; Learn how to see aura colors around people intuitively; Chakras;  Meeting your guides; and Basic understanding of messages within numbers and symbols. Additionally the class includes Meet Your Guides Mediation facilitate by Keiko.  * This class will count as a prerequisite to Intermediate/Advance Psychic Development & Intro to Mediumship Class- Level 2

Psychic Development Class-$40


Reiki Master Teacher Class with Keiko-Newly added!

This class is for Reiki practitioners who have obtained traditional Reiki level 1 & 2 certificates, have practiced using symbols and distance Reiki for a minimum of 3 months, and are comfortable doing so. The students must be ready spiritually and emotionally for this new journey of becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. The students also must be aware of and accept the important responsibility of being a link in the chain of the Reiki Master Teacher lineage that goes back to Dr. Usui Mikao.  The length of this class runs between 2-3 hours of instruction. The main focuses will be to review everything students learned at level 1 & 2, review meanings of Reiki symbols, and learn how to teach others. The students will also learn a new Reiki Master symbol and how to pass attunements. The students will receive a total of four attunements, two at the beginning of the class and the last two towards the end of the class.

PREREQUISITE: A copy of Usui Reiki Method Level 1 & 2 certificates must be presented. Preparation before attending the Master Teaching Class should include practicing using symbols and giving full sessions on a regular basis for a minimum of 3 months before taking this class. You must know that you are  ready to become a role model as a Reiki Master Teacher and will be passing on the tradition of Usui Method Reiki.

TOPICS COVERED (but not limited to):

    • A Reiki Master symbol
    • Methods for passing of attunements to your student, verbal and written instruction
    • Full manuals for Level 1 & 2, and additional information.
    • Psychic Surgery
    • In depth discussion of healing physical, emotional, and spiritual body
    • Accessing a deeper level of healing
    • Learning to heal others professionally
    • Gaining confidence as Reiki Master Teacher

Please contact Keiko to register. Email:

COST: $395

Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Our New Website

Hello and welcome to our new website. I am very excited to announce it and give you a quick tour. When you arrived, you may have found yourself on the homepage. This page serves as an overview of what we provide. You’ll also see that we are offering a free gift to new subscribers! When you get a chance, go to the homepage (or scroll to the bottom of this page) to get your free guided meditation MP3.

I’d also like to point out some of our other new pages. We have a services page, a page outlining our classes and events, and also a page displaying testimonials from clients. If you have worked with me and you get a chance, leave your own testimonial and we may add it to the page!

Finally, I would like to point out our new blog. In fact, you’re reading our first blog post right now! On the blog page you will find us posting updates, new classes, resources, and more. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on Facebook in order to stay updated.

We hope to see you soon! If you have any questions, get in touch!