Fundamentals of Mediumship -Spirit Communication @ Bridge Healing Arts Center
Nov 10 @ 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

-Class Description- This is a BEGINNER level Mediumship development class.  Although the class has been designed for the new seekers for spirit world communication, the students are encouraged to have had studied basics for psychic Clair senses and have taken some intuitive classes. They will learn how to tap into their souls and to sit in their power.  The topics include but are not limited to: Learn how to set an intention, how to expand their aura energy to sense discarnate spirit energy, create the system to identify whom they are communicating with, learn to trust and surrender to the spirit world to go deeper , Sitting in the power meditation, and many fun exercises in a very safe environment.

Cost: $50 ( Early Bird Pre-registration on line), $55 at the door