About Keiko Broyles

Psychic Spiritual Medium

Welcome friends,

My name is Keiko Broyles. I am the owner of Willows Healing Path, LLC. I am a Psychic Spiritual Medium and also a certified Reiki Master.   I was born and raised in a small town outside of Tokyo, Japan. I would like to share that I had a rather unusual up-bringing, as I was raised in a multi-religious environment. The majority of days we practiced traditional Japanese religion called Shinto. It’s the worship of ancestors and nature spirits and a belief in sacred power (kami) in both animate and inanimate things such as trees and rocks. We also practiced Buddhism and my father was trying to educate us with some Hindu beliefs.

In contrast to all this, my parents also wanted me to learn Christianity, so I was sent to a private christian school from kindergarten through to high school, studying the Bible and attending daily service. Some people might say, that’s a crazy way to raise a child because it could cause confusion. Trust me I was rather an odd and an awkward child  but I truly believe that those exposures have molded me to who I am today and now it totally make sense why I feel connections with different spirits, guides, angels and ascended masters. So I am thankful of my parents for that.

Keiko — Psychic Spiritual Medium

Ever since I was a young girl, I was very sensitive. I grew up seeing, talking, hearing, and feeling the spirits around me in my house where I grew up. I’ve always known though it wasn’t the house that was actually haunted, but it was the land that was haunted, and those spirits came through my mother’s three-way-mirror vanity in her bed room very often. I was also very connected with nature and tree spirits. I felt as if I could actually hear what they are thinking or saying.  I had one of my life changing experiences involving an old celestial chestnut tree that lived in my back yard when I was 11 years old. (Please visit “My Experience With The Spirit World” for more details).

Keiko — Psychic Spiritual Medium
My parents provided my brother and I with a financially stable life, but not without some sacrifices. Since my parents were at work sometimes 7 days a week, working very late, we didn’t get to see them. One family member was home bound  with multiple mental illnesses including violent outbursts and blackouts which put stress and chaos into our family life. I was also obese as a child and became a victim of being bullied in a school and that triggered my eating disorder during my teenage years. I believe those challenges and experiences that I had as a young child helped me to connect with people who are having difficult time. They taught me to have compassion and empathy towards all living things and mold me into who I am today. Although it was difficult at that time to handle the situations, I am very grateful of my past experiences.

As I became a young adult, in attempt to fit in with my peers and society, I tried to suppress all of my intuition based senses. Life went on, I got married to a loving husband, was blessed with two wonderful kids, and simply kept busy. Even though I did that, from time to time, I felt the energy of spirits, nudging me to respond. I just didn’t .

When our youngest one left our nest, things started to happened. I felt something shifted. It was as if something broke off the huge padlock and the floodgate was opened. Everything started to rush back in. All of my senses and intuitions were back and I started to “see” images and messages little by little. This time I just remained open, and gave myself permission to receive whatever comes to me and never looked back. As I was going through this spiritual transition, I was visited by my guides and guardian angels. They told me that I used to be a healer in my past life and I needed to get back on that path again to finish where I started.

I am also very blessed with having two beautiful ancient silver willow trees in our back yard. Their healing energies are immense and undeniable. We call one of them, the Mother Willow. On one of my daily visits with her on a beautiful fall day, I received a message from her and it was loud and clear. She said to build a labyrinth (which we call the Tree Of Life Labyrinth) where people can come to heal. I was provided with everything I needed because all the materials were here already around us. She showed me the design and a location, so there was no wondering or guessing.   My guides and angels also told me that I was going to be put on a “fast track” because the world needs healers as the earth is changing and evolving. They weren’t kidding! Since then, almost immediately and effortlessly I was guided to meet the most giving and wonderful people. They have helped me to grow, learn to become a better and effective healer and become a spiritual medium. I am very grateful to all of them.

I wish to offer you a chance to take a first step on your new path towards your well being and true happiness. I want to help you to clear your old emotional scars and restore them with peace, love, forgiveness and self acceptance. My journey to spiritual enlightenment and growth will continue.  Thank you for reading my story and thank you for letting me be your service.  I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon.