My Experience

With The Spirit World

As many people might experience some paranormal and spiritual events in their lives, there are also an equal amount of people who simply don’t believe that spirits and ghosts exist. I actually don’t blame them. It’s very hard to understand how you see or feel them if you have never experienced encountering them. I do believe that all of us were born with intuition. Children especially have heightened senses until barriers and fear that are placed on them by adults and pressures from society. I was one of them. The house I grew up in had many activities. I thought the house was haunted, or the land on which the house was build. I would like to share some of my stories with you. I couldn’t list them all here, so I chose some of the events that were most significant to me. Some experiences are from my childhood, and some are more recent. Some entities are human spirits, some guardian angels and some tree spirits. Hope you will find this fun to read.

Keiko — Psychic Spiritual Medium

The house with spirits. Who’s there?

The house we grew up in was a small and modest Japanese one with sliding doors for each bed room. As far as I could remember, both my brother and I could feel and sometimes see the spirits/ghosts in our house, sometimes outside when we were playing. One evening, when I was around 6 or 7 years old, we were in our rooms, getting ready to go to bed. My grandmother was downstairs in her room, my parents were still out, and the house was very quiet. That’s when we heard footsteps in the hallway. A thumping sound. And then the sound of a sliding door opening and closing from our parents’ bedroom. Simultaneously we both said “ Did you hear that?”. I got little scared, wishing my mom was home. My brother said, “ Who’s there?” but there was no response. We felt that whoever walked by our rooms, went into my parents room, which was often a center of activity. Nothing further happened that night, and this became rather frequent occurrences in our house.

Little Man in A Mirror

Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed hanging out in my parent’s room. I would spend a good amount of time sitting in front of my mom’s three-way mirror vanity, playing with her make-up and hair accessories. I’ve always felt that there were some spirits coming in and out through their room. There are two occasions that I remember very vividly. On one I walked in their room to turn on a light, which was controlled by an old-fashioned pull chain with a Bakelite fob. When I reached out for the fob, the cord started to jump up and down, and the fob made a continuous snapping sound. I got startled and wanted to call my brother into the room, but I couldn’t move nor talk. I asked the spirit to let go of me, and that was it. Gone. Despite that incident, I still liked being in my parents room. Perhaps I felt comforted in their room when they were away.

On another occasion, I was sitting in front of that same vanity again and I could feel someone watching me. Then in my peripheral vision, I saw a small and round shape on the lower right side of the mirror. I didn’t want to look down to see, but it was too late. I was drawn to see what was there. It was a small man-like shape, though I wasn’t certain of the gender. The face was about the size of small cantaloupe. The complexion was mossy green, the hair was dark and wet looking ,and the big eyes stared right at me. Again I was frozen. I couldn’t move, speak or even look away. I asked in my mind “ Please let me go, I don’t want to see you now!”. After what felt like an eternity, but spanned only a few seconds, my body felt relaxed and he was gone. Later throughout my childhood I used to call him “ A little man in a mirror”, but now I intuitively feel that it may not have been human. It was more likely an elemental creature of some kind, like an elf.

A Woman In White

There was a descending staircase that lead to the front door of our home. My brother and I were at the rear corner of the house looking at the stars with his new telescope. From where we were standing, we could see along the side of the house to the front where the stairs were. It was getting late, so we were talking about getting back inside. As we were talking, we saw a woman with very long straight black hair, dressed in white, gliding down the stairs. Not a bobbing walk, but gliding. Right then my brother and I opened the back patio door shouted to our grandma that someone was at door. We heard the doorbell rang. My brother was packing up the telescope and was still looking at the stairs. My grandma came to us to tell us that there was no one there. I never saw the woman in white leave the front, so where did she go? My brother and I looked at each other, concluded it was a female ghost, left everything outside, and rushed indoors.

Saved By The Angels

I was a first grade elementary school student. My grandma as she did every morning walked me to the bus stop. And as usual, she was holding my hand as we were walking together. She met someone she knew and stopped to chat with the woman. I was looking across the street, and I saw something in the woods. I shook my grandma’s hand off and started to run across the busy street, looking straight towards the woods without noticing an on coming car. The impact of the car felt like a wave of air pressure. I was hit in the back, but felt no pain. Miraculously, the car hit my backpack only, but it was forceful enough to send me up into the air about 12 feet high, as those who witnessed it said afterwards. All I remembered was a slow motion sensation as I was tossed up in the air and spun twice. I felt something grab both of my underarms and placed me on a ground, letting me land steadily on both feet. I had a big smile on my face because flying felt so fun. Then time went back to normal and the commotion around me started. My grandma was shouting and the driver of the car was rushing towards me, apologizing over and over. Everyone there who saw what happened looked surprised. I ran back to my grandma and said, “ wow, that was fun! I flew ! I flew!”. She made me promise never to run across a busy street like that. I believe there were a couple of my guardian angels there with me that morning, and it was in fact them that held my arms to support me as I was coming down.

Chestnut Tree Spirit

This is one of the most powerful spiritual events that I experienced in my youth. I was 11 years old when it happened. I woke up one day with a really bad headache. And in the months that followed it didn’t get any better. It got worse. My parents took me to doctors who in turn ran me through all sorts of tests. But no one could determine what was causing the pain. I started missing a lot of school. The pain kept worsening. And the nightmares started. They were short but vivid. In them, I was lying down, and all I could see was an axe which would then start moving towards my head. Right before it hit I would wake up.

This went on for months. Then one day, sitting in class, suffering from the usual migraine, it broke. The heaviness and pain that I felt were gone. I mean, vanished! I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy and surprised, that as soon as the class was let out I called home to tell my grandmother what just happened. She said. “ Really? Oh my dear, I can’t believe this. Come home right after school. I have someone here who wants to talk to you.”

She told me that she was out for a morning walk and saw a Buddhist monk whom she knew from a local Temple. They were exchanging hellos and when he asked how her family was doing she confided with him about me and my headache issues. He offered to come over to assess the land and do some clearing and blessings. When he came over and went to the back yard, he noticed something terrible. He saw our old chestnut tree and noticed the top section of the tree was bashed and chopped. He asked her what had happened there. She answered it was her troubled grandson who caused the damaged during a tantrum one day. The monk said to her as he pointed towards the damaged part of the tree. “ That might be the reason your grand daughter has been suffering her headache. This is a sacred god tree on this land. The tree protects this area. When your grandson damaged it carelessly and brutally, it provoked the tree. I will have to do a cleansing immediately”. So needless to say it was right after the monk finished his clearing process that my head cleared. The monk was pleased that his intuition was right and his clearing and blessing prayers had lifted my pain. He had healed the wounded tree.

When I got home, the monk was still there waiting for me, so he could explain to me what happened. He said my brother’s careless action had caused severe damage on a top of our sacred god tree, and that is why I was feeling his pain on a top parts of my body, my head. I remember feeling upset and asked him why me as I hadn’t wronged the tree, it was my brother. The monk explained to me that the tree spirit was not punishing me. He simply wanted to alert us that he was disrespected, wounded and needed to be healed. The tree reached out to me because I was the youngest and purest. Other members of my family would not have picked up his messages . I was beyond confused at that time, but I didn’t care because my pain was gone. The monk also instructed my brother and I to offer the tree pure salt, rice and the first tap water every day for next 30 days. This would complete its healing. And so it did. The pain and nightmares have never returned.

Spirit of Abigail

Valentine’s day 2015. My husband and I decided to try someplace new to have dinner. My co-worker had recommended Abigail’s in Simsbury, CT. It’s an old tavern style restaurant, so we decided to give it a try. It was our first time and neither one of us knew anything about the restaurant or it’s haunted history. Despite the snowstorm that night, the place was packed. We were seated upstairs right next to the staircase across from the upstairs bar. As we were talking about psychic readings, I kept feeling that I was being watched. And then, in my peripheral vision, I saw someone trying to get my attention and waiting for me to turn my head. So I stopped at my mid sentence and looked to my left and I saw a woman. She looked mid 30’s, fair skin, with a round face. Her hair was tied in back. My first thought was that she’s looking at me like she knows me, but I don’t know her. Then when our eyes locked, and hers got wider as if she was startled. I must have had the same look on my face as my husband asked me if I was ok. I turned my head back to see her, but she was gone. I told him what I saw but really didn’t know who that was. But I was sure that it was a spirit apparition. I only saw her face and upper body floating in the air near the bar. My husband mentioned it at his work and his co-workers told him that the restaurant has been known to be haunted by Abigail, hence the name. Apparently the staff there often report odd happenings upstairs near the bar. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen ghost apparitions with my physical eyes, but what I saw was very REAL. Over the next several days, she started to show up in my dreams. She didn’t say anything verbally, but her eyes were saying something. Intuitively I sensed that she wished that I would come back again.

5 days after my first encounter with Abigail my friend and I went to the restaurant for supper. The rest of the evening was full of fascinating occurrences. We sat at the table right in front of the big mirror upstairs. When my friend left for a short period of time, I felt a very cold air came and wrap around me. I checked to see if there were any windows open, but around me were only walls and a big mirror. Later in the evening we both felt sudden temperature changes as if something was chilling the air between us. In the middle of one conversation all of a sudden I smelled a very potent scent of lavender at the tip of my nose. I asked my friend if she was wearing any perfume or lavender scents. She told me she wasn’t. The scent came and went one more time as my friend and I talked. I asked Abigail if that was her with that beautiful lavender perfume. I thanked her for it. And right then I felt her cold hands gently touched mine, enveloping them in a misty cool energy. In two seconds my hands were chilly!
I could feel that for the rest of the evening Abigail was there, listening to us. At times a shaped condensation appeared on one spot on the big mirror. I sensed she wanted to tell me her life was cut away too short and although she loves people’s energies in her tavern, she has been feeling very much left out. I think she was searching for friendship or wanting to have someone to talk to. I guess I was there for that. Before we left I told her that I will come back again, so she does not have to follow me home. However if she wanted to communicate, I gave her my consent to communicate intuitively. When I got home, she started to tell me that she didn’t show herself to the ghost hunters that have searched her out in the tavern, because they were men. She had no fondness of men as her experiences with them, both in the physical and spiritual worlds had not been pleasant.

If you wish to communicate with Ms. Abigail when you go there, focus on kindness, sympathy and compassion. Talk to her as you would a friend. And don’t be surprised if you feel more than one spirit there. I’ve also felt a small child, possibly a little boy playing under our table. I kept feeling his small fingers touching my legs. Abigail though is the strongest presence. I wish for her to one day cross over to the other side peacefully where her loved ones are waiting.