Praise from Clients and Students

Keiko is a gifted, compassionate, and professional healer. My reading was accurate and insightful. I was able to connect with spirit and receive clear and relevant messages. I’m overjoyed that Keiko was placed on my path at this point in time. I left my reading feeling encouraged, empowered, and enlightened. Keiko’s ability to help others through her work is astounding!

I have known Keiko for many years and she is a very gifted Reiki master and medium. Keiko helped me to remove blockages and encouraged my aspirations to become a practitioner. She is always very calming, intuitive, patient and compassionate. I send anyone who asks for a referral to her because I trust her completely. I highly recommend Keiko for anyone looking for healing or readings.

I first went to Keiko for Reiki about a year and a half ago. I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew that I needed some sort of peace and calm in my life because of all the turmoil that was happening. I also knew that Keiko had a gift and I was so happy that she was embarking on this journey to share it! After the first session I knew I wanted to see her again! I felt cleansed, I felt some of the stress lifted away and I just knew I could trust her and let myself be vulnerable and open to receiving what she had to offer. I have been back for more sessions and I feel like a much stronger, grounded person on a daily basis because of it. I go through each day with such a sense of peace about the universe that I never had before, she has taught me to trust in the energy of it and I am forever grateful.

I’ve been going to Keiko for around a year now and when I first went I didn’t think it would work on me. I was totally surprised at the feelings after my first Reiki session. It was such a positive, uplifting and peaceful experience for me. My neighbor told me she can always tell after I’d had Reiki with Keiko because I seem so “up” and had been down in the dumps before that. The pain and negative feelings were gone. She is an amazing and inspirational person. I am looking forward to my Reiki 1 class with Keiko.

I have known Keiko for several years (as we studied Reiki from the same Reiki master) so I knew she was the real deal, a loving and compassionate healer. My first reading with Keiko was amazing. She was able to connect me with my mother, who had recently passed, and guide me through a difficult grieving and healing process. I received both encouragement and validation at a time when it was most needed. Keiko’s connection and communication with her spirit guides and angels are very clear and accurate. I highly recommend her services and am grateful to have her in my life.

A year and a half ago my life was devastated by the loss of my close brother Daniel. It was shortly after I lost him that Keiko came into my life, not only as a friend but also as my spiritual healer. Keiko’s reiki practices and medium abilities has helped ground me and find my way again. As sad as I am that he was taken from me so young, I have found comfort and peace knowing he is still with me, thanks to Keiko. I have also struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life but through Keiko’s amazing energy healing, through her reiki sessions and spiritual labyrinth/calming willows, I have found inner strength and have come off of my antidepressants completely. It is so hard to explain the positivity I have found from Keiko and her services, all I can say is that she has helped me find that spirit inside me and that strength and confidence I was looking for. I am forever grateful for Keiko, for who she is as a person and all of her healing abilities.

Keiko and I haven’t known each other for long yet the way she connects with people, I feel like I’ve known her forever! She brings an air of calmness and professionalism with every reading and meeting. She strives to make compassion her priority in whatever she does. I feel Keiko has a beautiful gift and connectedness with Spirit. She isn’t only a wonderful psychic/intuitive (medium- if you want), but a gifted healer mastering the art of Reiki as well. May she bring you light and love as she has done to me!

After learning about a life changing situation, I decided to have a reading with Keiko for guidance. Keiko adeptly used several card decks for my reading and explained the messages from each card. Keiko’s readings are heartfelt, honest and empowering!

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