Tree of Life Labyrinth

The Story of Our Labyrinth

Tree of Life Labyrinth

What is Labyrinth?

The labyrinth is an ancient walking meditation tradition. It’s a centuries-old path walked by pilgrims. Many types of labyrinths and mazes are in places all over the world. They are found on a hilltops, in cathedrals, on beaches, in cities, palaces in Europe, on private residences. Some are more elaborate than others. Many are made with different materials.

The labyrinth is universal and not associated with any religion. With any labyrinth, you can walk a single path only. It’s a journey. Just like our life, some are long and some are short with a winding path. You can stop and rest anytime and experience “presence” and reflect any thoughts that come into your mind.

The Story of our Tree Of Life Labyrinth

We can not tell you the story of our labyrinth without mentioning and honoring our two very old and beautifully aged silver willow trees in our back yard. We are so blessed to have them. The healing energy they both emanate are immense. We call one of them, Mother Willow. On one beautiful fall day in 2013, during one of my regular visits with her, I heard the voice. The message was to build a labyrinth here and people will come to be healed. I’ve been to one labyrinth before, but I was not familiar with the construction side of it. The Willow must have sensed my puzzlement. Right at that second, she flashed an image of the labyrinth that resembled a tree and she embedded it in my third eye. I could still see it. It’s still there. Through the image, she showed me the exact location, size, and what materials to use. She told me I would have everything I would need to build this labyrinth here, and to use the rocks and stones that come from this land. She was firm about that. I was flabbergasted at first. Granted, living in New England, our grounds are full of rocks and we already had built low level stone walls over the past years, but I wondered if we would have enough to make the labyrinth of this scale.

I told my husband about the message from Mother Willow Spirit, and to my surprise, he was actually open to the idea.
My husband is a very kind and sweet soul and very creative. Although he is very supportive and open to my spiritual path and way of living, his mind operates analytically with more logic. Perhaps that’s why he does engineering design work for a living. I sketched it out on a piece of paper the image that was shown to me, so I wouldn’t forget. Time passed.

One afternoon, my husband came home with a green plastic round flat disc. He casually left it on the coffee table without mention. I said “what’s this ?”, and looked at it closely. I thought at first a coaster, but it was actually a mini labyrinth, kind of one that people use a finger or pen to trace the path. I started to laugh because I thought it was so random that he came home with it. It was so out of blue. He told me that when he got to work that morning, someone left it on his desk. He asked around to find out who left it, but no luck finding the person that day. ( A coupled of weeks later a coworker confessed she was decluttering her cubicle and tossed it on his desk rather than the trash. ) I told him that this was not a coincident, it was little loving reminder and nudge from Mother Willow that we must not forget this. So that week, he took the image that I saw and using that as a base design and made a blue print of our very first labyrinth.

Mother Nature was rather kind to us during the winter months on early 2014. The snow thawed rather fast, and the ground was already soft and workable by early March. From that point on until our labyrinth was completed, as Mother Willow promised, we never ran out of rocks and stones. As we kept digging to search for bigger rock, the earth kept giving. I truly felt they were the gifts from the Mother Earth and Mother Willow. There was an abundance of native red stones, stones with beautiful quartz and mica. I almost fell on a ground when we found a couple of large white quartz. I knew then we were on a right path. We really didn’t quite understand at the beginning of the process why, but as we start to build it, using all of our energies, we felt we were fully supported by them.

Someone once asked me if I would be open to having other people come over to walk in our labyrinth, since it’s located on our residence. I said yes without any hesitation, which even I thought it was little odd for me because I’m actually a very private person. Since I was contacted by Mother Willow spirit, something shifted in my mind and heart. I no longer feel that we own her and her sister tree and our beautiful land where all those beautiful stones came from. I sincerely feel we are living in their land. It was my calling to facilitate the creation of a healing place where people can come.

The experience of walking in our Tree of Life Labyrinth is different for each person, but the reviews have common cores: peacefulness, feelings of energy vortexes, hands vibrating and tingling, and senses of grounding. It also seems that people are not the only ones that feel a lot of energy. In Spring through early fall, we’ve seen so many beautiful butterflies and dragonflies flying going from stone to stone. I communicate with them intuitively and they are delighted as well!

I invite all of my friends to our labyrinth in hopes that this magical place will bring you peace and healing energy wherever it needs to go. Please feel free to contact me.